He’s gone. He said some words, jumped into the helicopter, and is flying back to private life. Forever. Or possibly for a couple of years. We don’t know yet.

A man who became the darling of an uber-macho subculture of right-wingers engaged in all-out-war against liberal cucks, race-mixers, and Islam, who would regularly tweet about Mika Brzezinski’s facelift, or Graydon Carter’s Oscars parties.

A cartoonishly loud-mouthed businessman who became the archetype for Eighties excess and, later, hard-nosed business sense. How? He went on TV a lot.

The standard-bearer for the party of John E. Rockefeller, Robert Taft, Ronald Reagan, and Grover Norquist, who ballooned federal debt and regularly railed against business elites.

The darling of evangelical Christians, twice divorced and with a litany of un-Christian statements to his name. The living embodiment of Evelyn Waugh’s Rex Mottram, who asked what an annulment was, and how much it would cost to get one.

Millions, far too many millions, saw him as a prophet, a Messiah, who would purge the unworthy and expose the paedophile elite, all of whom shared a nation and a political party. Right, for the wrong reasons. The arrests could still happen. It’s all orchestrated. Just wait. Just wait. Any second.

A TV huckster, businessman, and media phenomenon who got 74 million Americans to sign up for four more years, because he annoyed the right people. Unfortunately for him, 81 million other Americans disagreed.

“Just give it to Trump”- his words on the election in 2016, and the underlying message behind almost everything he did in office, as well as before and likely after. Give the election to Trump- a message that killed five people and almost killed many more. When you’ve never done anything but win, how can you lose?

A budding autocrat, a bigot, a man filled with spite and petty cruelty.

He walked off to YMCA.

He annoyed the right people. In an era of grievance and victimhood, however false, that’s all you need.

America’s President.

I don't really know much about anything, but sometimes I want to write about it.